detail from Soul flyer Turbo Zen

Speaker Creature (Pittsburgh Damage) Mix Side A

Not to be confused with the Deadly Buda track “Speaker Creature” released in 2002, this is a Deadly Buda Mix-tape sold through the Turbo-Zen Record Store around 1993. Filled with early Hardcore such as PCP, Mescalinum United, Ace the Space, 303 Nation, Robert Armani and Aphex Twin. The tape was originally called “Pittsburgh Damage” because it had a bunch of hardcore floor-fillers that Pittsburgh ravers at the time always liked. Lisa Kail, renamed the tape “Speaker Creature” though, in deference to the kids that would crawl up into the bass bins of rave sound systems.

This text link may work better if you are on a mobile phone: Speaker Creature (Pittsburgh Damage) Side A by Dj Deadly Buda on Mixcloud

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