Deadly Buda’s Seppuku’s Birthday Bash DJ Mix

Seppuku's Birthday Bash! by Dj Deadly Buda on Mixcloud

Deadly Buda's February 27, 2015 set at Seppuku's birthday bash at the Hookah Lounge in Santa Barbara, CA. Some new and old tracks. Features a new track by Terry Dux, and some old school Deadly Buda and DJ Scud tracks. The beginning of the set is cut off.

Track List, Artist - Title - Time

DJ Deadly Buda & Seppuku – Wolf Love – 0:00
Skandal (aka slave maker) – Kill Him – 01:13
Detest – Human Enemy – 03:45
Terry Dux and Decontrol – Brutal Redux – 06:37
Meanstreak – Dirty Biz – 10:30
Noize Punishment – Riotbringer (Forbidden Society RMX) – 15:19
Atomic Clock – Acid 1998 – 18:53
Invader – Hallucinator - Extinction – Annihilation – 22:50
DJ Scud and DJ Deadly Buda – Don of Dons – 27:10
DJ Deadly Buda – 12 O’Clock Suck – 30:27
DJ Waily – Kullii – 32:18
Johnny Sideways – Systema – 35:40
Hiden Virren Vinguttajat - Suohonvingutus 1 – 40:30
DJ Deadly Buda – Lotus Dakinis and the Pink Shooting Stars – 46:29
Dread Mechanic – Rise of the Machine – 52:23
DJ Deadly Buda – Speaker Creature – 56:21

Blue Buddha Side B – Classic Deadly Buda mixtape

Blue Buddha Side B by Dj Deadly Buda on Mixcloud

Released in the early 90's by Turbo Zen Records. Side B of this classic Deadly Buda mix tape starts off with a Cramps bootleg and then drifts into some amazing early acid and techno from DJAX Upbeats, Dance Ecstacy 2001, Rephlex, Mike Dredd, Adam and Eve and more.

0 Track Artists Album/EP Label
1 Five Years Ahead Of My Time Cramps, The Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White Not On Label
2 The Antdance DJ Aardvärck 2nd Groove 2 The Same Nation Djax-Up-Beats
7 Swamp DJ Aardvärck 2nd Groove 2 The Same Nation Djax-Up-Beats
9 Definitely A Head Doer Kosmik Kommando, The Universal Indicator Blue Rephlex
10 303 Nation Strobe Jams II Dance Ecstasy 2001
11 Untitled Universal Indicator Universal Indicator Red Rephlex
12 Repitcher Unknown Structure Untitled Adam & Eve Records
13 Untitled Universal Indicator Universal Indicator Red Rephlex
14 Time Mode Zekt Untitled Adam & Eve Records
15 Here Comes The Drumz Nasty Habits As Nasty As I Wanna Be Reinforced Records
17 Untitled Universal Indicator Universal Indicator Red Rephlex

Blue Buddha Side A – Classic Deadly Buda mixtape

Blue Buddha Side A by Dj Deadly Buda on Mixcloud

Classic DJ Deadly Buda mixtape (side A) from the early to mid 90's. Lots of classic early acid-techno like 303 Nation, Adam X, experimental mixing and interesting tracks. Like many of the early rave tapes, has a sprinkling of "non-rave" music mixed in for flavor. A early rave classic.

Tracklist (incomplete)

0 Track Artist EP/LP Label
2 This Is A Trip Interrupt This Is A Trip A & X Records
5 Adam X vs. Audio Sex Adam X vs. Audio Sex Direct Drive
6 Small Room E-Noize Small Room EP Crash Records (Germany)
8 Jack Trippin' Adam X Adam X vs. Audio Sex Direct Drive
11 Technoville 303 Nation Strobe Jams I Dance Ecstasy 2001 
12 Metroplex 303 Nation Strobe Jams II Dance Ecstasy 2001 
13 Attacker! 303 Nation Strobe Jams I Dance Ecstasy 2001 
14 Parmesan Reverb Motherfuckers Route 666 Race Age
15 It's Gonna Be Alright Sextant Sextant 2 Fax +49-69/450464
17 toyz n kidz
19 Space Ghetto (Phreaky Phuture Mix) N-Trance Solenoid EP Rising High Records


Algorhythm 2 Rave Halloween-Somewhere in Pittsburgh

Here's a re-print of a fanzine article about Algorythm 2, my favorite part is, "Then there was this gorgeous (even better than the -skinny brunette at the copy place) girl with black or brown curly short hair. She had a shirt that was black with a star on it. She was SO beautiful and so into it and so together. If you know her, PLEASE lead her to me and the ‘zine cause she Just rules beyond compare. Plus, she has the’ cutest little nose." Total early 90's rave scene -Deadly Buda

Ephedrine - an early rave fanzine from about 1993.Technobeat

by Nitro ’93

Ephedrine Fanzine Issue 1, (published approximately 1993)

In the beginning, this rave was really - on the down side. The music was great, don’t get me wrong. I don’t know who the early dj’s were, but they were good. What sucked was the absense of people that were really into the whole thing. Usually that’s okay because the drugs that these drones come for cause a really cool scene, as well as converting non-ravers into the digiboy that I’ve managed to become over the years. But, there-weren’t even any drugs there which made these people rather angry and there were even some stupid jock assholes keeping with their Jock image by trying to start fights.

Another problem was the location. It was held in a dusty warehouse that was used as a paintball course and that paintball shit was everywhere which made it impossible to lean on anything when I got tired of dancing due to lack of drugs. Even the kick-ass smart drinks (at $4 a pop) and equally overpriced nitrous ballons (5 bucks!What the fuck?!?) had absolutely no evident effect on me. But then- DEADLY BUDA ‘came on and tore it up with the techno-insanity that causes cancer in laboratory rats. It was if the ecstacy were in the music and I didn’t ‘need any drugs cause he just rules. I couldn’t control my feet so I started skankin’ like I was at a Circle Jerks show in 1980 or something. Then there was this gorgeous (even better than the -skinny brunette at the copy place) girl with black or brown curly short hair. She had a shirt that was black with a star on it. She was SO beautiful and so into it and so together. If you know her, PLEASE lead her to me and the ‘zine cause she Just rules beyond compare. Plus, she has the’ cutest little nose.

TeChNobEaT by Nitro '93 articleOkay, enuff of that silliness back to the rave. BUDA was spinning some evil shit... and that great girl and everything ... Nothing” could go wrong. The time change made it 3am instead of four... the one and only LENNY DEE was going to pick up the-sounds next...THAT.. FUCKING GIRL ... then ... the cops raided the shit!!! What a mindfuck.

We then proceeded to a 24hr. diner around the corner and almost got kicked out for making noise. Two of my friends were on acid that they brought with them so they were sorta trippin’ and just fuckin’ things up even worse But, the good thing is that we met some people and turned them on to the zine and I should be hearing from them soon (HI Baby Jessica!). The worst part is, I’ll probably never meet the girl of my dreams again, and, here’s the kicker-on the way home from dropping everyone off I flipped my fucking car. Man. That truly sucks.-N193

Soul Pittsburgh Scene Report Mid-October 1993

"Soul" Scene Report by DJ Deadly Buda Mid October 1993SLURP! Newsletter

“Pittsburgh” Scene Report

(Mid-October 1993) (USA) by Deadly Buda

Beats breaking down. every split second Bass tumbling through the air - wash after wash of synth waves climbing, climbing. dancing in mid-air richocheted from wall to wall so hard YOU can almost see them - Your body, a crumbling whirling dervish of DNA, repeating as if your vertical hold is on the fritz disintegrating into black nothingness...

Thus, was “Soul”-Turbo-Zen’s year-end underground jam. “Soul” went without a hitch and lived up to it’s name. Incredible amounts of Hardcore... While many claim tribal intentions - Our real tribal is right in front of us. or a part of us - this is music made by the participants and ravers, THAT is what hardcore truly is.

Whirling noises that sound like hammers are nice, but not necessarily “Hardcore”. Music made for the NOW, with a vision to the future - that is hardcore. Experimenting, trying, thinking, pushing the envelope - Hardcore.

Here a peculiar thing: while I was playing Urban Primitivism’s ‘Fuck” mixing It with T-Bone Castro’s “Bitches”. Unbeknowenst to me, there was some guy with his shorts pulled down, standing in a puddle, playing with himself. while about a crowd of 80 people cheered him on from an adjacent hilltop. As the beat pumped harder and faster you can well imagine what started to happen - the crowd built with wide-eyed anticipation - finally in one dramatic gesture - he CAME! Thunderous applause sprang forth from the crowd! At which, he promptly passed out. Now, before I go any further let me say that TZ does not condone this sort of behavior and/or encourage it - and I mean this isn’t by any means a usual thing. In fact. the reason I am even mentioning it is because, rather than people getting upset, and beating this person up, which would happen at any other function in America, people rushed to his aid in order to revive him gently. There was a genuine concern for his well being. If it wasn’t for Hardcore ravers and people who care, - this situation could have been disastrous. Someone went to the edge, and was helped back.

I honestly was debating whether to write about this - I mean. what if the wrong person read this and used it as an excuse to fuck with our parties? For days I wrangled with it. It was funny, touching, but also something that could be used against TZ in the future. I wiped out the information on the disk and felt like a real wuss. Fortunately, that night I received a call from DJ ESP in Minneapolis. Our conversation was candid and touching. We didn’t even talk about said situation. What we did talk about was how linear the rave scene had gotten. Where had the spirit gone? New Age High School Dances are all well and good, but the hardcore mission is much more complex. If you are not honest, how can you be creative? How creative had the scene been lately?

For those that claim that raves are dead, blah. blah, blah the joke’s an you. The mere fact that you are reading this right now is proof positive that the system has been set up, the virus is in order - If you think the lights and sounds are ruff at raves be prepared for the next innovation - truth. I didn’t help set up raves in my area just to have a bunch of back-stabbing dishonest bullshit float more freely - I set out to promote unity and caring for one another.

Black, white, yellow, straight, gay, male. female, house, techno. trance, tribal - these classifications are stupid and boring. Made up to divide us into little easily classified and manipulated groups. I will say what I see and feel and if it angers people, so be it, Maybe a little controversy about something other that who’s cool and who isn’t would do the scene some good The road to reconciliation within and re-acceptance of one another is going to be long and tough. All of us will be fucked over again in the process, but we must continue through it - change may be brutal - but unavailable if we do not dare to take the next step, what do we go back to? Look at how far we have come already. To throw it all away now is stupid!

It appears as if my soapbox here is straining from the weight of my convictions, soooo...... here is what else is happening in P-Burgh....

Turbo-Zen retail is in limbo right now as our lease ran out and I just don’t know if we could find a cheap enough space where we could just do about whatever we wanted to like before -having a normal old record store to support is not appealing to either me or Lisa. Now, if you think that is the end of TZ - HAI You must be some kind of weird owner of some bullshit club trying to peacefully lull yourself to sleep. TZ is now at double power! Despite a temporary lull in music service, we will be making it easier than ever for the local ravers to get music. Our weekly night will be called “Lizard Groove” and will start mid-Sept. Furthermore. we have already set up 3 events:: ALGORYTHM 1-2-3 on Oct. 9th (with Grandpa Techno. Scott Forbush) which is designed to bring us together with our sister city, Cleveland. Oct. 30th (The Halloween Coup! LENNY DEE, I mean what scarier DJ IS THERE?) and DEC. 4 - the most rock-shocking DJ possesion trance get-down of hardcore shamanic intensity - Adam X, myself. and DJ ESP. Woody McBride. This one you will not want to miss!

Three new rave crews have sprung up recently - all dope ministers of wicked vibes: Jolly Folk. ANA, and Little Good Vibe. Jolly Folk and ANA pulled out a real surprise last weekend “Simplicity” - while looking for a small space for about 100 people - they accidently found a massive skating rink. Most of Pittsburgh Hardcore was there along With the proprietors. They talked us into spinning some wicked polka tunes which I swear to God, got a really good response - Go Figure! If that isn’t Hardcore, I don’t know what is! Our little crew has now spawned 3 more that know the. score! Shouts Out to Lisa, Finger. Side 2. +FX. Terry Kicks, Stickman, Hannibal, Kay, Mariah, Controlled Weirdness, Automation, Bourbonese Qualk. Brooklyn. Cleveland. Cincinatti, Pawn, Drop Bass Network, the entire state of Wisconsin, Baltimore, Philly-Rock the House!

Pittsburgh Scene Report July 1993

BudaEPK_Page_327_Image_0001SLURP! Newsletter

Pittsburgh Scene Report

written by Deadly Buda of Turbo Zen

(July 1993) (USA)

I’m beginning to wonder about this word “scene”. When I hear the word “scene” in a social context (like, say, a large gathering of people) it brings to mind a bunch of people dressed alike and their mostly contrived patterns of social interaction. When I think about the word “scene” in a larger context, I think about visions- horizons, skylines, rivers, playgrounds, schools, highways, actions taking place within settings.

Pittsburgh is a fairly scenic place. three rivers, lots of cool bridges and highways, and hills so you can look all around you. The skyline is pleasant and there’ are many trees all over town. It is very inexpensive to live here and for the artistically inclined, lots of raw materials to work with. As far as raw rave potential goes, this town is sweet. Because the city is divided by many hills, each it’s own distinct community, the populace has an overall rural mentality House music was never big in Pittsburgh. Led Zeppelin is (and probably will be forever). Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Steve Miller, Lynrd Skynrd and AC/DC rule the airwaves, generally mystical dreamy rock stuff. Any dance music on the radio is of the sickest most commercial variety.

Here lies an interesting roadblock. The radio programmers monopolize their formats, never changing their rotations. When they do it is for BIG payola (provided by record companies, who have totally lost touch with what is happening musically) “The Electric Slide’ is still in heavy rotation for God’ sake! Because no one hears new songs, record stores can’t sell new music. Most “alternative” record stores in town are successful at selling what WAS alternative 5 years ago. Consequently, the “underground” is just discovering Industrial Music. The punks hate the hippies, the artists complain, shitty bands get booked, no one makes any money at what they want to do blah, blah, blah...

This makes the town a unique challenge for inspired airwave shakers - How do you get new dope sounds pumped out to people who are drummed into submission by the same stupid 100 songs almost 2 hours a day? Or, how do you get bombastically blasting bad-assest beats bounced in the ‘Burgh? It appears as if the strategy of playing “safe” trax like the mostly domestic commercial crud (like some labels I won’t name) because, ‘that’s what the crowd likes’ (says who? - a mistimed advertising campaign that cost thousands of dollars?) is a road to nowhere. Trying to explain this to people is - a road to nowhere also You are just required to constantly reassert the fact that the underground music will always move the crowd to more alarming degrees.

Much as 59 cent facsimiles of hamburgers are designed and produced to maximize profit, so are many facsimiles of something called techno-rave-house-tribal-trance. That is all many of these records do - maximize profit. It is truly disheartening to see d.j.s careers zapped into oblivion by playing this Shit. Another roadblock is that many of the people who say they are “ravers” in Pittsburgh (and many other places) are always attempting to imitate other people and other “scenes’. Rather than looking to harness their own energy and come face to face with their own potential, they subconsciously sabotage themselves by telling themselves the grass is greener elsewhere.

Turbo-Zen was accused of going “commercial” recently. Supposedly. there were too many big-hair chicks and jocks at our last event. Well, I guess this person thinks that intella-beams grow on trees, and that the only people who deserve to be unified in this unity movement are the ones just like him. This person was also espousing the values of “club” techno. Yes-music made for places that people get paid to pretend they are having fun to trick people out of their money Perhaps there is some kind of vitamin deficiency going on here. someone get a 9.000,000 liter recyclable bottle of choline shake shit! Ouick!

Our last rave “Hiqh-Voltage” was designed to bring together a totally mixed crowd, every prevalent style was integrated into a sonic 8 hour wave of ascending and descending BPM’s drawing on as much local talent as possible. Passing out flyers in places untouched by flyers before drawing a really diverse crowd, much of whom were exposed for the first time to the more extreme side of the music. Most people totally dug it! Noticeably absent were ‘the ‘scenesters” Who I guess were at home seperating themselves from the riff -raff. Rumor has it they were jamming to proressive house so that they could be more progressive than everybody else.

Everybody knows that homogenizing fat grooves and re-packaging them for people who truly emulate Crest and Tide advertising aesthetic is progressive. But alas, I’m getting testy here. “Zoom” and “Babylon” have opened and have techno or rave nights. I have to admit, Zoom plays some good trax but no one has been coming. Yet. Babylon plays awful music, and no one comes. People are coming to the Underground Raves.

The mixing styles of D.J.s like Side 2, Finger. +FX. Digital Jesus and myself have been getting wilder and more individual. Personal style on the turntables is tantamount. playing the grooves of the records as if some weird twisted ghost of an ancient blues musician has become trapped inside the mixer. For some reason Pittsburgh has always bred strange D.J.s like Porky Chadwick - this guy from the 50’s who still throws massive sock-hops today + soaks the labels off of his records so other local 50’s jocks can’t find out what he s playing! He’s still breaking “new’ tunes from the 50’s! Pittsburgh has always just secretly loved bizarre offshoots of musical movements and hoarded these vinyl treasures as it they were powerful magic spells.

So, all in all, Pittsburgh is going through interesting growing phases, and I truly think that something very special will blossom from this area. I want to encourage everybody, wherever they are to stay true to what they believe in. Do not listen to what other people say other people said. Cherish your deepest thoughts’ Schmegda-Magnus!

P.S. Does anyone out there know where I can get a copy of *P.S.K. What does it mean?”

Next Issue. Deadly Buda comes back with MORE

DJ Deadly Buda Top 10. December 12, 2014

Here's my current Top 10. Check these out when you want to rock out. All tracks listed are in the mix embedded below the Top 10.

1. Johnny Sideways – Systema

2. Paralysed Monch – Aneurysm

3. Fiend – Collide

4. Beat Rapist – Coming up Cold

5. Remote Viewer – Quadkore Defile

6. Meanstreak – Dirty Biz

7. Arcid – Hardcore Pride (Resurrector Remix)

8. Teknoaidi – Siskkáldas Ohcan

9. Dread Mechanic – Rise of the Machine

10. Ruffneck – Wraith (Nu type Remix)

Deadly-Buda-Headstrong-Pre-Mix by Dj Deadly Buda on Mixcloud

Review: Henry Chalfant’s Graffiti Archive Volume 4: The Art of UA Featuring Seen

The book is available here: Graffiti History Volume 4: The Art of UA Featuring Seen - Chalfant, Henry & Hergenrother, Max

Cover for HCGA 4, UA featuring Seen
Cover for HCGA 4, UA featuring Seen

The latest iteration of Henry Chalfant’s Graffiti Archive can be summed up in one word: SEEN. Decades after he was introduced to the world via Style Wars (available now on blu-ray, of course, don’t-you-know?), graffiti legend “Seen” is back again to make the haters hate. Like the previous three volumes of the series, volume 4 has its own share of surprises for even the most jaded graffiti train-spotters. And for those just getting interested in graffiti art, there is probably no better volume to start with due Continue reading Review: Henry Chalfant’s Graffiti Archive Volume 4: The Art of UA Featuring Seen