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Seppuku's Birthday Bash 2015

Seppuku’s Birthday Bash! by Dj Deadly Buda on Mixcloud Deadly Buda’s February 27, 2015 set at Seppuku’s birthday bash at the Hookah Lounge in Santa Barbara, CA. Some new and old tracks. Features a new track by Terry Dux, and some old school Deadly Buda and DJ Scud tracks. The[…]

Feature Image for Blue Buddha Side B Mixtape originally released by Turbo Zen.

Blue Buddha Side B by Dj Deadly Buda on Mixcloud Released in the early 90’s by Turbo Zen Records. Side B of this classic Deadly Buda mix tape starts off with a Cramps bootleg and then drifts into some amazing early acid and techno from DJAX Upbeats, Dance Ecstacy 2001,[…]