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Blue Buddha Mixtape Side A Deadly Buda

Blue Buddha Side A by Dj Deadly Buda on Mixcloud Classic DJ Deadly Buda mixtape (side A) from the early to mid 90’s. Lots of classic early acid-techno like 303 Nation, Adam X, experimental mixing and interesting tracks. Like many of the early rave tapes, has a sprinkling of “non-rave”[…]

SLURP! Newsletter “Pittsburgh” Scene Report (Mid-October 1993) (USA) by Deadly Buda Beats breaking down. every split second Bass tumbling through the air – wash after wash of synth waves climbing, climbing. dancing in mid-air richocheted from wall to wall so hard YOU can almost see them – Your body, a[…]

SLURP! Newsletter Pittsburgh Scene Report written by Deadly Buda of Turbo Zen (July 1993) (USA) I’m beginning to wonder about this word “scene”. When I hear the word “scene” in a social context (like, say, a large gathering of people) it brings to mind a bunch of people dressed alike[…]

DJ Deadly Buda Evil Bleepcore Side B

Made in approximately 1996, this is Side B of this classic tape released through Dr. Freecloud’s Mixing Lab. An interesting mix of various flavors of techno at the time. While some of it is hardcore, most you would consider experimental techno. Evil Bleepcore – Side B by Dj Deadly Buda[…]