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Feature Image for Blue Buddha Side B Mixtape originally released by Turbo Zen.

Blue Buddha Side B by Dj Deadly Buda on Mixcloud Released in the early 90’s by Turbo Zen Records. Side B of this classic Deadly Buda mix tape starts off with a Cramps bootleg and then drifts into some amazing early acid and techno from DJAX Upbeats, Dance Ecstacy 2001,[…]

Blue Buddha Mixtape Side A Deadly Buda

Blue Buddha Side A by Dj Deadly Buda on Mixcloud Classic DJ Deadly Buda mixtape (side A) from the early to mid 90’s. Lots of classic early acid-techno like 303 Nation, Adam X, experimental mixing and interesting tracks. Like many of the early rave tapes, has a sprinkling of “non-rave”[…]

SLURP! Newsletter “Pittsburgh” Scene Report (Mid-October 1993) (USA) by Deadly Buda Beats breaking down. every split second Bass tumbling through the air – wash after wash of synth waves climbing, climbing. dancing in mid-air richocheted from wall to wall so hard YOU can almost see them – Your body, a[…]