Universal Dynamo

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 Track List:

killout(fucked mix) Signs ov Chaos killout
disobedience Aggro epsilon
the fire is the centre Shitness & The Jackal praxis
bubble Aggro epsilon
only those who attempt the impossible will achieve the absurd Aggro epsilon
step inside Total Output drop bass
demon trax SP23 stormcore
strobe Static Tremor rage
ascent Cunning Meets Bambule praxis
multi-dimensional Carbon Based prime assault
ace frehley ESP drop bass
distorted Eradicator fischkopf
magnetic storm XMF epiteth
full metal hell Clash of the Titans atomic hardcore
everybody do the hulk Deadly Buda deadly systems
I’ll give it to you EC8OR digital hardcore
rhythm of death Deadly Buda praxis
sweat Shizuo digital hardcore
the style is terrifikk Deadly Buda- praxis
inner city breaks Inner City Breaks inner city breaks
Chillin’ With C.W. Controlled Weirdness praxis
death by stereo Frankie Bones drop bass
digital delay Bourbonese Qualk praxis
destroy the normal DJ Controlled Weirdness unearthly
quadrapulex Freddy Fresh drop bass
unearthly theme DJ Controlled Weirdness unearthly
operation Liza N’Eliaz + Laurent Ho epiteth
fucking bitch called walker Eradicator fischkopf
industry DJ Freak crapshoot
GTI 005 ??? gangster toon industries
help No Name fischkopf
Fraktal (Mouse) davakint
s(ex6) DJ Freak killout
gangster EC8OR digital hardcore
we need a change! EC8OR digital hardcore
reprise Shitness & The Jackal praxis
Bonus Thought!!! praxis

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