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Deadly Buda Track Reviews March 3, 2015

Last January I got booked to play Techno Belligerent’s “Jason Takes Los Angeles” party in downtown LA. Once again I sent the call out to producers everywhere to clue me in on their latest and greatest so I could come out the box slaying. Well I got a lot of stuff that came in. It took a while to go through it all but I did. There were a lot of great tracks that unfortunately I couldn’t play, just because of the time I had for the set (about 50 minutes). So I didn’t get to play everything, but listed below is the stuff that made it into the set. At bottom I list some other stuff that was interesting as well, but didn’t quite fit in that night. Immediately below is the actual mix from the event.

Deadly Buda - Jason Takes Los Angeles February 13, 2015 Set by Dj Deadly Buda on Mixcloud

Skandal (aka slave maker) - Kill Him –

Ripping hardcore crossbreed from Belgium. For those of you struggling to keep up with the dizzying new array of hardcore sub-genres, “Crossbreed” is like a combination of 4-to-the-floor hardcore techno, and drum and bass rhythms. This track has a nice lead and really gets the crowd pumped when you play it. It’s about 175 BPM. I don’t have a direct link to the track, so get in touch with Geoffrey Raes on Facebook and he can tell you where to get the track.

TechDiff – Eat Drink Fuck

Tight ripping breakcore from the legendary Peace Off Label. This track is taken from the Brothers in Blood 02 release. Already available digitally, this might be available on vinyl by the time you read this review. Clocking in at about 233 BPM, the beats are hyper chopped-up but still danceable and fun. A real crowd-pleaser.

Mindcontroller – Go! **Preview**

Blasting OG Hardcore from Mindcontroller with all the classic elements. Thundering kick, screaming hoovers, stabby stabs, cool samples, and even some high hats. Somewhere around 172 BPM, one of the things I like about this track is that it has some hi-hats and cymbals in it, and a snare that just doesn’t make a guest appearance. This track is a well-constructed song that doesn’t simplify itself to the point of ridiculousness just so that it sounds louder after being mastered.

Pink Abduction Ray - Roguelike

Periodically slicing through the Darkmatter Sound System is a shocking pink ray beam. Why? We don’t know. But this traction beam has a dope sound as evidenced by this track, “Roguelike.” 160 BPMs of quirky, in your face… hmmm techno? It’s honestly hard to classify a track like this now days, as there are elements of breakcore, hardcore, tekno, techno and acid. The classicist in me wants to label this techno or “tekno” as I could hear P.A.R.’s tracks going over big at teknivals. Check it out for yourself and see what you think.

Twin Braids - Baseck (featuring Joy Through Noise)

Baseck of Darkmatter Sound System and Joy Through Noise teamed up to create a new project called Twin Braids and this is one of their first tracks. Innovative, melodic 200 BPM hardcore techno made with all outboard analog instruments. This is one of those tracks you just sort of let play because there is so much cool stuff going on you just let the crowd get into it. The ending really picks up so be ready to mix in something high energy to follow it up. This track appears on the compilation PHOTON COLLISIONS (Curated By Somatic Responses) by Various Humans . There are plenty of other great tracks on this compilation so you might as well download the whole thing.

S L A C K E R Y O U T H 2 – Hinoi Team Night of Gabba

A fun 175 BPM Anime-inspired breakcore track that really is 350 BPM. The sample says “Nights on Fire” and quite frankly I’m not sure what the heck it is about, but it really picks the crowd up and is a lot of fun.

Mismasta – The T3rrorBass

200 BPM Frenchcore with some classic well-known samples. This well constructed track covers all the basics of hardcore, bringing to mind old Chosen Few tracks from the Mokum Label. A real nice kicking mix.

Monad – Influenced Bruv

Mad effects-laden breakcore from the Legs Akimbo Label. This 200 BPM break explosion is dense with synths and sweeps washing over a wall of bass.

DJ Filth – Revenge, Serve Cold

This 202 BPM Hardcore track has a nice hoover-groove to it and some cinema samples to jazz it up.

Ambivalence – Gyroscope + Ambivalence. =

A nice 170 BPM breakcore collaboration of Gyroscope and Ambivalence. And something about a chicken… see for yourself at the link above.

DJ Freak – 4 to the Floor 4 To The Floor (available on Amazon)

I ended my set at Jason Takes Los Angeles with this old classic from DJ Freak. Though released more than a decade ago, this track devastated the crowd. Mass distortion, super hard kicks, and if you think the tracks now are mastered loud, you ain’t heard this. 250 BPMs of super classic hardcore that rocks to this day and probably forever. It’s on iTunes too,

Johnny Sideways – Tales From the Darkside (Johnny Sideways RMX)

Johnny Sideways updates the classic Tango and Ratty hardcore drum and bass track. Clocking in at 175 BPM, it really pumps up the kick drum and gives it that rolling hardcore feel that Johnny Sideways is known for.

Paralysed Monch - D.I.E (Paralysed Monch Rmx)

Paralysed Monch does his take on the classic eRRe & Hardlogik vs. Syrinx track. Ball-busting Frenchcore that sounds more like pumped up breakcore or crossbreed to me. 177 BPM and cut loud. Watch your levels!

Deadly Buda & Seppuku – Wolf Love

I know it’s cheesy to review your own track, but no one else has it, and I did open my set with it that night. Right now it’s still unreleased while we finish mastering the track, but when it’s done you all are gonna like it. Super hard 4 to the floor Kicks and Synths and a touch of breaks and cool samples to jazz it up. It answers the question, “Where am I going?” Stay tuned for more info. I will post it on my Soundcloud page when it is ready.

Here are some of the other tracks that were sent in:

BAD MiND - If This Ain't Hell -

Unnatural Selection & Cik - Day Of Judgement

Cik & Cee-li - Salute (Cap Remix) - INNERCORE - NEW ISR COMPILATION OUT NOW!

3p - A World Without You (work in progress)

Akuma (Official) Bessie feat. DJ Virus & Jules (Original Mix)

C-POLOCK - Jason Returns & Minimal Horror Techno Begins (Original Mix)

Shyft Vs. K.H.D. - The Projekt

Hawawa - Over the Roof


CATDOG – This guy has a lot of cool breakcore tracks and you can check them out on his soundcloud

TimShopp - AHHHHH

Breakforce One - Virgin By Choice

DJ Pano

Dark Angel

Martin Poison

Mr. Looter - Did I Do That

DJ Deadly Buda Top 10. December 12, 2014

Here's my current Top 10. Check these out when you want to rock out. All tracks listed are in the mix embedded below the Top 10.

1. Johnny Sideways – Systema

2. Paralysed Monch – Aneurysm

3. Fiend – Collide

4. Beat Rapist – Coming up Cold

5. Remote Viewer – Quadkore Defile

6. Meanstreak – Dirty Biz

7. Arcid – Hardcore Pride (Resurrector Remix)

8. Teknoaidi – Siskkáldas Ohcan

9. Dread Mechanic – Rise of the Machine

10. Ruffneck – Wraith (Nu type Remix)

Deadly-Buda-Headstrong-Pre-Mix by Dj Deadly Buda on Mixcloud

Deadly Buda Mix & Track Reviews November 19, 2014

Deadly-Buda-Headstrong-Pre-Mix by Dj Deadly Buda on MixcloudThe tracklist for this mix is located further down this post, after the track reviews.

I’m a different kind of DJ. Most DJ’s only goal is to play music at an event so people dance. Whereas this is my main goal while I’m playing, my ultimate goal is to introduce the general public to new music. I like breaking new tunes and telling people about them. That’s my bag.

I got booked for the Audiophile Family’s Headstrong party and it was coming up fast. I wanted some fresh tracks to blow minds at the gig. So, earlier this month I sent a shout-out via Facebook. I asked for tracks in the general hardcore rave arena. Hardcore, hardstyle, breakcore, dub-step, whatever you want to call it, if it was fresh I wanted to hear it. Sure enough, I got a grip of ripping tunes. A LOT. It took me quite some time to get through them all! So without further ado here are some tracks to blast out your box…

Dread Mechanic – Rise of the Machine

Atmospheric Hardcore that basically sounds like you were on that battlefield in Terminator where the robots are just blasting the heck out of the humans. There are blown up robots everywhere, and ones flying around reigning death… the humans have to band together to survive…you get the picture right? Clocking in at 120 or 240 bpm depending how you are counting, this is a good addition to any hardcore set because of the tight rhythms and original background sounds.

Johnny Sideways – Systema

This is one of my favorite tracks right now. It has all the elements of a classic morph beat hardcore track: Cool samples, atmosphere, rocking halfbeats, hardcore kicks… it’s all there and then some! This guy started tearing up the dancefloor during my lengthy mid-2000’s hiatus and I’m sorry I missed it. Thankfully he’s still making dope tracks and tearing it up live so I appears the best is yet to come!

Remote Viewer – Quadkore Defile

From straight outta Pittsburgh, PA, my birthplace and spiritual home, Remote Viewer releases this wicked breakcore blaster. If you were ever a fan of Panacea, you will love this track. All the i’s are dotted and all the t’s are crossed on this production, tight and hard hitting like a 1-2 punch.

Subterranean - Drop The Bass On It!

While we are still in the Western Pennsylvania area, we move up to the Northern suburbs, home of the North Allegheny Tigers (and my old high school believe it or not), where John Hanson a.k.a. Subterranean has been pumping out crazy tracks left and right. This 176 BPM track has a bunch of dub-steppy bits that morph into some synth breakdowns and 4/4 kicks to change it up, then turns it all on its head with some breaks sprinkled on top.

Arcid – Hardcore Pride (Resurrector Remix)

Kicking, super-fast, banging Los Angeles Hardcore Techno. A huge distorted kick drum jackhammers the speakers at roughly 270 beats-per-minute. That’s about four times the normal human heart rate I think. Not to name-drop too much, but if you were ever a fan of DJ Freak (the hardcore techno DJ Freak that is). This is right up your alley, and if you aren’t careful, right up something else!

Meanstreak – Dirty Biz

You would swear this guy was from Frankfurt FFM, but no, he’s from LA. A heavy pounding track that fills the speakers with bass and breaks. This thing just grinds through the speakers, giving you a brief break to listen to someone spray painting. I sorta have to name drop here. Sorry if some of you don’t know what I’m referring to but those that do will appreciate it. This track sort of combines the sounds of classic Overdrive Records C-Tank, The Bullet Proof Split EP on PCP’s Super Special label, and a sort of feel like what would happen if Frankfurt’s old PCP label made some broken beats. Get this!

Paralysed Monch – Where is Your Head (CBHC Reedit)

Do I dare call this morph-beat? An original atmospheric half-step hardcore head-banging stomper out of Germany. Technically it’s about 191 beats per minute, but it’s just got a totally cool pounding half-beat rhythm interspaced with tiny bits of breaks. This guy’s other tracks are rippin’ too, check them out:

Eddy Geheim & Wanorde – Analog Session 01

This track sounds like it was made live in the early afternoon at some Teknival in Southern Europe. Which is weird because I think these guys are Dutch. But no matter, this sounds like some good old analog knob twisting. Mellow, clean, outer-spacey and fun. This track makes you want to spend a couple grand on getting some old synths so you can try to do this too. Save the money and listen to Eddy Geheim and Wanorde!

davidfodel – brown

Ok kids, let me break the bad news: If you play hardcore non-stop for hours on end it won’t sound hard anymore. So what do you do if you are a tricky DJ? Play something slow in between so that when you bring the kick in, it slams! Now I know you all want to play silly Hobbit sounding cheesy synth-pad music for this, but I have a better idea… use davidfodel’s brown track clocking in at 120 bpm. This original sounding gem spaced between your speedcore tracks gives the crowd a chance to recuperate in a way that is less obvious and cheesy.

Fiend – Collide

Another fine Los Angeles Hardcore Production, this one from Fiend of the Darkmatter Soundsystem. This is a nice danceable hardcore, “morph-beat” style track. Basically it switches from a funky industrial half-beat clocking in at 125 beats-per-minute, and then morphs into a pounding 250 BPM hardcore jackhammer, then switches back. Nice production and another great release from Praxis Records.

Ruffneck – Wraith (Nu type Remix)

Patrick van Kerckhoven is DJ Ruffneck, and he has a long history in hardcore. Breathe… Breathe… Breathe… that’s the main sample in this driving gabber track. Basically a mellow voice tells you to breathe, then the distorted 909 kick we all know and love comes thundering in. I think technically this track is considered in the genre “ArtCore” and the Nu Type mix is my favorite of them all.

The CyberDemon – Hypnotic

This fine example of LA hardcore techno is courtesy of the Cenobite Records. All the classic elements are here. Do I dare call it “Art Core” or “Dark Core?” I’m not sure but whatever you call it, Hypnotic hits heavy on the sound system.

The Sound of the Fox – Border of the Stylez

Straight outta Barcelona. The Sound of the Fox has been pawing up the digital audio workstation and coming out with some hyper-crazy style blends like “Border of the Stylez.” This is 200 bpms of madness put into a blender and set on “high.”

Beat Rapist – Coming up Cold

I didn’t think there was a more politically incorrect DJ name than Deadly Buda, but then along comes the Beat Rapsist. I love all the tracks by this guy. Basically his tracks take all the old classic jungle samples, and then makes new tracks that sound like how the tracks sounded in the raves. I’m not sure if I’m explaining this correctly… you know how the rave sounds more reverby or echoey than the nice pristine mix tape you listen to? That’s what his tracks sound like. Like your tape played in a big fat warehouse. They definitely sound more hardcore too. The closest thing to these tracks were the “White Breaks” E.P.s that were put out by Planet Core Productions back in the mid 90’s. Those records were great, but the Beat Rapist’s tracks sound just as good, and in many cases, better.

Special Section: Finland Hardcore and Shamancore!

One of the greatest things that happened this month is that I got introduced to hardcore from Finland. I got a heads up from the members of the HardCore Gabbers Finland group on Facebook.

First they let me know about a good site all about Finnish Hardcore: as well as letting me know about some of their favorite artists. Now, one of mine is Waily. Apparently he’s been around a long time in Finnish Hardcore preaching the hardcore word, and his tracks are dope.

Waily – Fucked Up

I always like a good hoover sound on top of my four-to-the-floor hardcore tracks, and this one delivers the goods.

Waily – Kullii

Waily takes Stigg Dog and Edu’s “Kullii” and adds a dose of hardcore. Basically a joke song, but it’s got a good beat and you can dance to it. Kind of that morph beat style of a gabber kick drum behind a hip hop beat. By the way, don’t read the translated lyrics. If the ones I read online are accurate, you don’t want to know what they are rapping about! You can check out more Waily here:

Shamancore: Hardcore Gabbers Finland also told me about a fairly new development in Finnish hardcore, “Shamancore.” Strangely, after all these years no one had really ever zeroed in on “Shamancore” as a name for a hardcore sub-genre. This is surprising because many rave DJs I’ve met over the years have considered themselves shamans of some sort. Much dance music, and especially the Trance and Teknival scenes aspire to create altered states through the repetitive music. I have always been interested in this too, and some of you might remember I would sometimes play recordings of Native American pow-wows and such during my DJ sets. The interesting thing about Finnish Shamancore is that it seems to stick very close to the ancient concepts I am somewhat familiar with. First, it’s usually in the fast BPM range, usually around 220 beats per minute. Believe it or not, this is the speed many ancient traditions play the drums for the actual point of trance induction. Sorry candy kids, 140 to 180 bpm just ain’t the real deal. Second, the general structure and instrumentation used sounds quite authentic as well. Obviously they are doing their homework. Third, the general length of the tracks is long, which you of course need to really induce the trance. Here are a couple of my favorite Shamancore tracks:

Hiiden Virren Vinguttajat - Suohonvingutus 1

This is a long, 14 minute track that if you listen to it long enough, it can definitely take you to the outer regions of your mind. Lots of techno sounds, but all organized in a classical shamanistic manner.

Teknoaidi – Siskkáldas Ohcan

This track is shorter, about 5 minutes, but uses a nice interplay between shamanic ceremony samples and hardcore techno kicks. Highly recommended.

Whew! So there are some of November’s goodies. I can’t name all the tracks or artists that came my way this month, but other notable tracks came from Natefrogg, pom Deter and SabreWulf, Techno Belligerent, Parasonic, Polyplectron, Norrland Gabber Crew, RoyalCore, Shatterling & Insectoid In Isolation, and Tektonic. If you want to get your tracks to me, get in touch via the contact form on this website, or through my Facebook page:

The rhythm is life and death!

DJ Deadly Buda

Mix Track List:
Deadly Buda - Esto Es Los Angeles
Beat Rapist - Coming Up Cold
Johnny Sideways – Supply Route
Ruffneck – Wraith (Nu type Remix)
Remote Viewer – Quadkore Defile
Eddy Geheim & Wanorde – Analog Session 01
Beat Rapist - Window Panes
Waily – Fucked Up
Subterranean - Drop The Bass On It!
Meanstreak – Dirty Biz
The CyberDemon – Hypnotic
Paralysed Monch – WIP
Paralysed Monch – Where is Your Head (CBHC Reedit)
Waily – Kullii
The Sound of the Fox – Border of the Stylez
Hiiden Virren Vinguttajat - Suohonvingutus 1
Johnny Sideways – Systema
Deadly Buda - Speaker Creature
Fiend – Collide
Dread Mechanic – Rise of the Machine
Teknoaidi – Siskkáldas Ohcan
davidfodel – brown
Zomboy - Here to Stay (Subterranean Remix)
Arcid – Hardcore Pride (Resurrector Remix)